Small Pebble + Large Pebble

An even better looking & smoother finish together


The industry standard has always been to use larger and smaller pebbles separately.
Signature Matrix combines both to give the best of each size. Homeowners and builders love it!



By blending Pearl and Satin Matrix sizes, the texture is smoother since there is less space in between each pebble due to better compaction. Smoother feels better.


Great looking pebble and tight compaction during installation gives a fantastic look. Great compaction is easier with this blend of large & small and is even more appealing visually.


The current Pearl and Satin Matrix colors are exactly the same except for the size of the pebble. With this blend, you have one set of colors to choose from. Simplicity is good, too!

For many homeowners the appeal of Pearl Matrix is that it shows more detail from the water’s edge. As you look down into the pool you’re able to really appreciate the color and beauty of each stone. On the other hand, many people prefer the feel of the smaller pebble of Satin Matrix.

The Signature Matrix gives the best of both sizes. It looks great, it feels exceptionally smooth, it’s more durable and is easier to trowel.

The Signature Matrix colors



Water color equal to Midnight Sea


Water color equal to Aqua Blue


Water color equal to Smokey Grey


Water color equal to Tahitian Blue



Water color equal to Northshore Caribbean

Coastal Blue

Water color equal to Cool Blue


Water color equal to Tahitian Tropical


Water color equal to Irish Creme


Gulf White

Water color equal to Supreme White


Water color equal to Jet Black


Water color equal to Northshore Tahoe


Water color equal to Northshore Plum


Bali Blue

Laguna Blue

Water color equal to Antigua


Water color equal to Northshore Gold

Crystal Blue

Water color equal to White Diamonds