Thank you for considering our product for your pool finish.  Wet Edge Technologies places a big emphasis on product education.  To help the consumer make an informed pool finish decision, we created overview videos covering our product lines' benefits and challenges.  The disclaimers listed below are similar to all cementitious pool finishes on the market.  We are committed to being a reputable source of pool finish information. 


Watercolor is subjective and unique to each swimming pool and its surroundings. The pool photos in the product gallery are meant to show a range of possible watercolors for that pool finish. To learn more about what can influence watercolor, please watch our video VARIABLES THAT AFFECT WATERCOLOR.  


The watercolor illustrations were created to show a possible range of hues and intensity levels the product will cast in MOST cases. We have made every effort to make the brochure's photographs, watercolors, and finishes as close as possible to the actual product. Colors may vary slightly from printed samples. The representation of colors and gloss levels vary due to printing limitations.  Due to variations in individual monitor settings, calibrations, and lighting sources, our images are not guaranteed to be an exact match to the color of the finished product. 



Finish color and consistency may vary due to natural materials, plastering techniques, and pool water chemistry variations. Some Wet Edge finishes contain a unique composition of ocean shells that are not guaranteed against long-term breakdown or loss of color due to pool water chemistry. To date, we have had zero complaints about shell loss.  



Like all quartz and plaster-type products that leave cement on the surface, Luna Quartz and Altima are also subject to cosmetic issues prevalent in cementitious products. Colored/pigmented quartz and plaster products may increase the possible look of blotchiness, swirling, and trowel marks. Exposed aggregate finishes such as Signature Matrix, Prism Matrix, and Serenity Stone remove the cement during the installation and are less subject to cosmetic issues.  Proper water chemistry is essential to a beautiful pool finish.



The initial 28-day swimming pool startup is vital to the lifetime performance and appearance of the surface. During this time, your pool finish hydrates and is most susceptible to staining, scaling, and discoloration. A correct startup is critical for the pool finish's long-term durability and cosmetic appearance.   Click here to download a copy of the 28-day startup.    


Click here to register your Wet Edge pool finish within 30 days of installation.