Water Color Illustrations

The water color illustrations were created to show a possible range of hues and intensity levels that the product will cast in most cases. You can expect the color of the water to vary depending on a variety of influences such as the position of the sun, whether the day is sunny or overcast, the pool design, the landscaping around the pool and the pool depth. Water color is subjective and will be unique to the pool and its surroundings. To learn more about water color influences please watch our video “How to Choose a Water Color”. (Link to video).

Product sample images may vary due to variations in natural materials, plastering techniques and pool water chemistry.

Some Wet Edge finishes contain a unique composition of ocean shells that are not guaranteed from long-term breakdown or loss of color due to pool water chemistry.

Due individual user’s monitor settings, calibrations and lighting sources, we cannot guarantee that the images, watercolors and products on our website and videos will be an exact match to the colors of the finished product.

Wet Edge recommends that you look at a physical sample of our products rather than choosing from the website or marketing literature.